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Gym - report an issue

Your safety is our top priority. If you're using the Aquamotion gym outside of operating hours and have either experienced or witnessed an incident, or if you've identified an area requiring maintenance, please take a moment to fill out the relevant form below. Your input helps us ensure a secure and well-maintained environment for everyone.

Report an incident

Click below to report an incident such as a first aid. 

What to report: 

  • If you have had to administer first aid on yourself or on another person.
  • If you have witnessed misuse of equipment that could result in injury.
  • If you have witnessed behaviour such as member tailgating or damage/ vandalism to Aquamotion gym and/or equipment.

Call 000 in an emergency or life-threatening situation. Utilise the intercom, duress alarm or duress pendants to seek assistance from the City’s 24/7 community safety service. 

  • If you have been involved in, or witnessed a medical emergency and are unable to call 000.
  • If you have been involved in, or witnessed antisocial behaviour such as personal threat, theft or vandalism and are concerned for your immediate safety.

Report an incident - online form

Report a maintenance issue

Click below to report a maintenance issue such as a faulty piece of equipment. 

What to report: 

  • Damaged piece of equipment/ area such as a broken cable on a pin-loaded machine or the drink fountain not working.
  • A hazard such as pooling water, loose electrical cords.

What not to report: 

  • Areas or pieces of equipment already tagged out of order.
  • Requests for upgrades and/or additional equipment.

Report a maintenance issue - online form