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Prepare Together Project

Preparing together for bushfires and other major emergencies

The Prepare Together Project aims to improve the long-term resilience of the City of Wanneroo community to natural hazards including bushfires, storms and other major emergencies.  

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Please complete the community survey so you can gain a better understanding of how prepared you are and to let us know what we can do to support you.

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About the project

Natural hazards, such as bushfires, storms and heatwaves are becoming more frequent and intense across Australia.  The City of Wanneroo, with its growing population and substantial increase in housing is no exception to these vulnerabilities.  

The consequence of disasters can relate to tangible costs such as water contamination, clean-up operations, road closures and impacts on public transport.  They can also relate to intangible costs for things that don’t have a market price – such as death and injury, mental ill-health, loss of community, loss of personal items and memorabilia, and loss of cultural heritage.  

Regardless of whether the risk is bushfire, earthquake, heatwave or storm, there are a number of actions that residents can take that will help to reduce impacts and consequences of disasters on those things that we value the most such as our loved ones, our homes, irreplaceable belongings and our sense of community and safety.  

The Prepare Together Project provides residents with information and resources to assist them to understand risk and how it is changing, weather forecasts, access up to date alerts and warnings, and prepare household emergency plans and an emergency kit for everyone in the household including pets and animals.

Here is a summary of ways you can get involved and have your say.

Opportunities to have a say

  • Community Survey (online version available through Your Say)
  • Via the Shared Community Comments section (on this page)
  • Direct comment to the project team

More information

Get prepared for a natural disaster by visiting our preparing for an emergency page and download helpful preparation guides, hear from others who have experienced a natural disaster, and book your place at an information session or roadshow.

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