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Waste and Recycling

360L Bin FAQs

Bin Upgrade

Property owners were given the opportunity to upgrade to a larger 360L recycling bin for free between April and June 2020 in an effort to help reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill. 

Detailed below is a list of FAQs about changes to the City’s waste services and the upcoming introduction of a three-bin kerbside collection system. 

What’s happening to my bins?

Residents currently have two bins – a dark green lid general waste bin and a yellow lid recycling bin. Property owners were given the choice to upgrade to a bigger 360L recycling bin to increase the amount they recycle, and reduce what goes to landfill.

Selection for the first round of 360L recycling bins is now closed. Delivery will commence from Monday 26 October 2020 and will take up to six weeks to complete.


When will I receive my larger yellow lid recycling bin?

The larger 360L recycling bins will be delivered between Monday 26 October 2020 and Friday 4 December. The delivery process for the larger recycling bins will take up to five weeks and will occur on the normal recycling collection day for a suburb. Due to the large number of residences across the City of Wanneroo not all bins can be delivered at the same time.

During this six week period bins may not be collected (emptied) at the usual time of day, thus it is important that bins remain on the kerb between 6.00am to 6.00pm from Monday 26 October 2020.. 

Once your new larger recycling bin has arrived it is ready for use. After the delivery, leave your old empty recycling bins on the kerbside the next business day from 6.00am to 6.00pm for removal.

NOTE: Suburbs that have their recycling bins emptied on a Friday will need to stop using their old recycling bin and have it empty on the kerbside from 6.00am the following Monday for removal.


Why are larger recycling bins being offered?

A larger recycling bin will allow households to make better choices about recycling and waste disposal, and in turn reduce waste to landfill.


Why does the City not empty recycling bins weekly?

Recycling bins are emptied fortnightly as this is the most cost effective solution for an area as large as the City of Wanneroo. Our recycling trucks cover every suburb in the City and rotate on a fortnightly schedule. By providing residents who require more capacity with a larger 360L recycling bin, we can recover more resources while maintaining our operational costs.


What should I be putting in each bin?

City of Wanneroo bins 

Yellow lid bin - recycling: Recyclable packaging materials such as clean paper (not shredded), flattened cardboard, clean aluminium and steel cans, glass, and plastic bottles and containers with the lids off. (Please place plastic lids in the general waste bin, or save to donate to programs that accept these.)

Green lid - general waste:  Food organics such as food waste, fruit and vegetable scraps, as well as general rubbish items including animal waste, nappies, wipes, hygiene products, tissues and paper towels, meat trays, bottle lids, bagged shredded paper and soiled paper products.


How can I register for a larger recycling bin?

Property owners and managers were invited to register for a larger 360L recycling bin between April and June 2020. If you missed the cut-off date to register, there may be other opportunities in the future.

If you are building a new home that has not previously received a waste service, simply complete the Request a New Bin online form.


Will having a larger recycling bin mean I have to pay more for waste?

All of the City’s costs to deliver waste management services to residents are included in the Waste Service Charge which is separate from general Rates. This means residents can see exactly what it costs for waste services.

Residents will incur no increases to waste service charges due to the bin size they choose. Bin size options are provided to enable residents to choose the size combination that best meets their home waste management needs.

Costs associated with the implementation of the larger recycling bin are covered via the Stage Government of Western Australia Better Bins program (administered by the Waste Authority) and cost savings acquired through greater material diversion from landfill.


Will I still get a bulk greens verge collection and vouchers for the Wangara Greens Recycling Facility?

Yes. Bulk greens verge collections and tip vouchers for Wangara Greens Recycling Facility will continue as usual.


What about if I live in a group dwelling, like an apartment block, units or duplex?

Group dwelling properties, such as an apartment block, units or duplex, managed by an owner corporation, body corporate or strata have had the same opportunity to upgrade to a 360L recycling bin.

If you are a tenant, your landlord or property manager will be able to inform you what requests were made for your dwelling.


I have changed my mind and now I want a larger/smaller bin, can I change my selection?

Registrations for this first round of deliveries for a 360L recycling bin are closed, as the order has been placed and dispatched.

You can change your selection by contacting the City once the new bin has been received. Please do not use the new larger recycling bin, but leave it empty on the kerb.


I missed the cut off and want a larger bin, what can I do?

During May 2020 all households were given the opportunity to upgrade to a larger 360L recycling bin. Registrations for this first round of deliveries for a 360L recycling bin are closed, as the order has been placed and dispatched.

Future opportunities will be communicated in 2021.


What happens if I didn't make a selection?

Any property without a selected bin choice will keep their existing 240L recycling bin.


What is the update on the third bin?

The City is exploring options available for the processing of organic material to be collected by the third bin. Once this assessment is completed, further information will be communicated to residents.


What will happen to my old recycling bin?

Once a new 360L recycling bin has been delivered, the old bin will be removed on the next business day after your normal recycling collection day.

The bins removed are recycled and turned back in to new bins and other recycled plastics material. You will not be able to keep the old bin for private purposes as they are City assets.


I will be away during the roll out and not able to put bins out, what can I do?

The new 360L will be delivered to every registered property on the normal recycling day for your area between Monday 26 October to Friday 4 December 2020. If possible ask a neighbour or family/friend to bring the new bin in for you.

If the old bin was unable to be removed a flyer will be placed in the letter box and you can contact the City to arrange removal of the old bin.