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Subdivision is the division of one lot into two or more lots and/or the amalgamation of several lots into one lot.

There are several types of subdivision:

Freehold (Or 'Green-Title'), where a parcel of land is privately owned in its own right and there isn't any shared land in common ownership.

Survey-Strata Scheme, where a lot and associated common property are shown on a registered survey-strata plan. A survey-strata lot is a common form of strata that divides a property based on the land only and not by the buildings on a site. A survey-strata may, or may not, have common property (i.e. a common driveway), and like other forms of strata may also have by-laws and a strata company.

These are the types of subdivision referred to for the remainder of this web page however there is one more type of subdivision referred to as a Strata Scheme (or Built Strata). This type refers to the subdivision of a building (by cubic space) and on occasion the land around it into lots. For further information on this particular type of subdivision, please click here.

What is the subdivision process?

Developer contribution schemes

Development design specifications

Development design specifications - associated forms

Irrigation specifications & standard drawings

Infrastructure standard drawings

Subdivision Clearance Applications