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Off-road vehicles

The City has 32 kilometres of coastline featuring pristine beaches, foreshores and dunes. We are committed to making our beaches safe and enjoyable for residents and visitors. We also have a responsibility to protect these environmentally sensitive places for future generations. That is why the City does not permit off-road vehicles including four-wheel-drives, trail bikes and quad bikes in these areas. 

Our rangers regularly patrol the coast and can fine people $500 for illegally driving on beaches and other City reserves.

Frequently asked questions

Why won't the City of Wanneroo let me drive on beaches and other reserves?

The City’s ocean coastline is an extraordinary natural asset. Off-road driving may be fun but it can cause considerable damage to the environment by disturbing vegetation and wildlife. Off-road vehicles are also dangerous to other beachgoers.


What is the penalty for driving on beaches and other City reserves?

Our rangers can fine people who drive on beaches and other City reserves $500.


Isn’t this just revenue raising?

The City’s Rangers will always try to educate drivers first and will only fine people as a last resort. The City fines people to deter them from driving in environmentally sensitive areas, and to protect other beachgoers, not to raise funds.


Where can I drive off-road?

You can find information about off-road driving on the websites below. Joining a local four-wheel-drive club is also a great way to explore new locations.


Can I drive on private property?

Yes, if you have permission from the land owner. If you do not have permission, you risk being charged with trespassing.


Do I need to register my off-road vehicle?

The Department of Transport can provide you with the most up-to-date information about whether your vehicle should be licenced or registered.


Where can I find more information about laws relating to off-road driving?