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Wanneroo Regional Museum

Museum and Community History Donation FAQs

How does the Museum decide what to collect?

We assess the cultural significance of the item against the Museum collection policy. An important factor of this is regional relevance. The item must: 

  • Have been made or used in the Wanneroo area or be comparable to a heritage object used in the district; or
  • Have a proven association with a known individual, some event or a period in the history of, or technology developed or employed in the district.

Items may be accepted for the secondary collection (for education and handling purposes) if they are representative of items that would have been used in the wider Wanneroo region.

For more information, check out the Museum Collection Policy or you can contact the museum on 9405 5920 or email: museum@wanneroo.wa.gov.au

For Community History Enquiries, please contact us via the online form.

Does the Museum accept items on permanent loan?

No. All items accepted into the permanent care of the Museum must be accompanied by a signed Donation Form, transferring ownership to the Museum. 

Can I send in or bring my object into the Museum?

No. Please do not send or bring objects in to the museum unless requested. The museum will arrange a time with you to drop off the item once the item has been accepted for donation. This is so we can arrange to safely receive the item.

Does the Museum provide valuations?

No. The museum is not authorised to provide valuations or authentications.

Can I donate images for the Community History Centre to scan but keep the original copy?

Yes. The Community History Centre can scan your images to archival specifications and return your images to you. You will still be required to fill out a Donation form for the digital version of your image. This process is completed via appointment only. We are happy to arrange for you to drop off your images and pick them up at a later date/time.