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Museum and Community History Donation

The Wanneroo Regional Museum and Community History Centre collects donated items that are linked to key moments, people and places in the City of Wanneroo.

These items reflect the social history of the region along themes of:

  • Market gardening
  • Migration
  • Civic life
  • Recreation
  • The deep connection to our long stretch of coastline

We care for over 10,000 objects, books, images, artworks, documents, oral histories, maps, plans and digital items that help tell the many fascinating stories of the City of Wanneroo, past and present. These items are used for exhibitions and displays, research, study and educational purposes. 

Your donations

In some circumstances your donation may be more appropriate for use with school or visiting groups and, with your permission, it would form part of our valued Secondary Collection which is used for 'handling' purposes.

It may be that for a number of reasons we cannot accept your offer. Please do not be offended. It could be that we already have a similar item in the collection or it is an item that we do not collect, although another museum might. Our staff will be able to advise you in this case.

For more information about Museum donations, visit our Collection Offer FAQ page

To offer a donation to the Museum or Community History Collection, please fill out our online form below.

Museum Collection Offer Form