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City of Wanneroo Art Awards winners

City of Wanneroo Art Awards winners 2023

City of Wanneroo Open Award (acquisitive) $7,500

From Here to There Beginnings and Growth artwork

Artist: Genevieve Hartney
Title: From Here to There, Beginnings and Growth
Media: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 1040 x 790
Judges' comments: This work has so much detail and rhythm. While being very busy, the composition hangs together with strong colour and form. It rewards a closer look.

Best City of Wanneroo Resident - $2,000

Lovely Gift artwork

Artist: Tatiana Amaral
Title: Lovely Gift
Media: Acrylic, rice glue on rag paper
Dimensions: 1000 x 1100
Judges' comments: Exhibits a very fine, deliberate and sculptural quality.

Highly Commended City of Wanneroo Resident - $1,000

Painting of Shane Warne

Artist: Frank Penfold
Title: Spin King
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 355 x 255
Judges' comments: So much character!

Painting Winner - $1,400

Recycle artwork

Artist: Eric Hynynen
Title: Recycle
Media: Acrylic and waste on canvas
Dimensions: 1100 x 1100
Judges' comments: This work challenges the media of painting with a confident, striking and important message.

Painting Highly Commended - $500

Radiant Banksia Menzies artwork

Artist: Joanne Cox
Title: Radiant Banksia Menziesii
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 460 x 350
Judges' comments: Very contemporary use of colour with strong level of technicality.

Sculpture Winner - $1,400

Crucible sculpture

Artist: Michelle Gauntlett
Title: Crucible
Media: Sterling silver
Dimensions: 100 x 80
Judges' comments: This delicate artwork is an example of beautiful mark making, and subtle contrast of texture both inside and out.

Sculpture Highly Commended - $500

Mrs Mamba Black sculpture

Artist: Ernst Schneider
Title: Mrs. Mamba Black
Media: Mixed media
Dimensions: 260 x 130
Judges' comments: A very curious object!

Works on Paper Winner - $1,400

The Ruins of My Life artwork

Artist: Janice Oliver
Title: The Ruins of My Life
Media: Eco etched print on Hosho paper (artist’s proof)
Dimensions: 860 x 50
Judges' comments: Strong technique of mark making and colour on a difficult theme of ruin and memory.

Works on Paper Highly Commended - $500

Banksia Chaos artwork

Artist: Linda Fardoe
Title: Banksia Chaos II
Media: Giclee and pen and ink drawing on Canson
Dimensions: 900 x 690
Judges' comments: Delicate and intricate mix of mess and order.

Photo, Film and Digital Media Winner - $1,400

In Anticipation of Growing Up artwork

Artist: Lana Ge
Title: In Anticipation of Growing Up
Media: Photograph
Dimensions: 420 x 70
Judges' comments: Evocative, atmospheric work with a beautiful play of light, detail and stillness.

Photo, Film and Digital Highly Commended - $500

Potter at Work artwork

Artist: Kristy Chisholm
Title: Potter at Work
Media: Photograph
Dimensions: 530 x 430
Judges' comments: A nice play with focus and composition to evoke the creative studio and mind at work.