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City of Wanneroo Art Awards winners

City of Wanneroo Art Awards winners 2017

City of Wanneroo Open Award (acquisitive) $7,500

Loewy Train sculpture

Artist: Ian Kay
Title: Loewy Train
Media: Oregon dunnage and stainless steel
Judges comments: A simple, fun and playful object. A beautifully realised concept in crafted wood and found objects. 

Best City of Wanneroo Resident $2,000

The promise of a sea breeze susan hoy

Artist: Susan Hoy
Title: The Promise of a Sea Breeze
Media: Gouache on Arches paper
Judges comments: Great use of the seascape palette and the graudation of tone. Meticulous and controlled use of gouache. A recognisable image of the seaside environment on the north coast. 

Highly Commended Wanneroo Resident $1,000

Stroke by Nikki Marie Rogers

Artist: Nikki-Marie Rogers
Title: Stroke
Media: Acrylic
Judges comments: A minimal palette, full of control and a shimmery visual effect through the repetition of the brushstroke.

Painting overall $1,400

Numbers man by eric hynyen

Artist: Eric Hynyen
Title: Numbers Man
Media: Oil and enamel on canvas
Judges comments: Experimental work with different media founded on competent draftsmanship. The drawing contrasts with the looseness of the oil and enamel paint. 

Painting Highly Commended $500

Iceland by penny novel

Artist: Penny Bovell
Title: Iceland
Media: Acrylic on canvas 
Judges comments: A fine example from a professional artist in control of her chosen medium. Loose but controlled use of transparent and opaque paints.

Sculpture overall $1,400

Jump start by leesa padget

Artist: Leena Padget
Title: Jump Start
Media: Clay, plaster, found objects and rust
Judges comments: A beautifully crafted sculpture constructed from limited materials that invites consideration and engagement.

Sculpture Highly Commended $500

Do i belong by ernie feldmann

Artist: Ernie Feldmann
Title: Do I belong?
Media: Wood
Judges comments: A balance and tension between the two components and the contrast between the natural wood and the highly geometric forms.

Works on Paper overall $1,400

Lucy be Eve Wolfe

Artist: Eve Wolfe
Title: Lucy
Media: Pencil
Judges comments: A striking and powerful portrait because of its size. Simple yet has great impact. Image lingers in your mind long after initial viewing.

Works on Paper Highly Commended $500

Desert dweller elf owl by kimberly rae

Artist: Kimberly Rae
Title: Desert Dweller - Elf Owl
Media: Watercolour
Judges comments: Beautifully observed, technically the artist is in control of their medium. The confident composition and use of negative space is so refreshing.