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In Western Australia there are three main types of heritage listings that impact on sites located within the City of Wanneroo. The three main types are:

  • State Heritage Register: Prepared under the Heritage Act 1990, the Register provides official recognition of a place’s cultural heritage significance in a Western Australian context. 
  • City of Wanneroo Local Heritage Survey (LHS) -formally known as a Municipal Heritage Inventory (MHI): Prepared under section 45 of the Heritage Act 1990, The LHS has no statutory implications and is simply a list of the City’s important local heritage places as determined by Council in consultation with the local community. 
  • City of Wanneroo Heritage List: Prepared under Section 8 of the Deemed Provisions of District Planning Scheme No. 2 (DPS2); the Heritage List identifies local places within the scheme area that are of local cultural heritage significance and worthy of built heritage conservation. The Heritage List is comprised of entries in the City’s LHS with a management category of 1A, 1 and 2.  

The different listings offer varying levels of protection and management, some give statutory protection to Heritage Places and others are only acknowledgement of heritage places and do not provide statutory protection. However demolition or alteration of places listed on the City’s LHS is discouraged. The City of Wanneroo Heritage Protection Table below outlines the level of protection for each Listing type and Management Category.

Heritage Protection Table