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Annual Report 2015-2016 - Our Performance


Aspiration: Progressive, connected communities that enable economic growth and employment

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Strategic Objectives:

  • Local Jobs
  • Growing Business
  • Easy to get around
  • Smart Communities


  • The Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan 2016–2021 was endorsed by Council
  • The Hybrid Co-Working Space Trial at Enterprise House joint initiative between City of Wanneroo and Wanneroo Business Association was approved by Council and launched on 27 April 2016
  • The City supported ECU Enactus Students to develop and run two community based projects
  • The inaugural Wanneroo Business Expo was held at the Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre (WLCC) in June 2016
  • The City has begun working with local agricultural growers, WA Food Growers Association, Department of Agriculture and the Department of Water to investigate mechanisms and opportunities to improve water use efficiencies in our agricultural industry
  • The City developed and launched the Biz@Wanneroo app
  • The deed of agreement with the Wanneroo Business Association was signed and executed
  • The City is a proud sponsor of the Wanneroo Agricultural Show, Western Australia’s largest regional show
  • Council voted to develop the City’s landholdings at Neerabup Industrial Area as a Strategic Employment Centre
  • Payment to the Department of Parks and Wildlife for the purchase of offset land for Neerabup Industrial Area was arranged in June 2016
  • A subdivision application was submitted to the Western Australia Planning Commission to create a reserve for conservation offset at Neerabup Industrial Area
  • Wangara Industrial Area – An environmental/geotechnical consultant was appointed
  • The City is currently finalising a short-term lease for Wangara Zone 4 with Great Lakes Community Resources
  • The City participated in its first television tourism promotional initiative ‘Wanneroo Weekender’
  • Council approved the design for the new City of Wanneroo entry statements
  • Construction of the access road Yanchep Active Open Space (Marmion Avenue Extension); duelling and extension of Connolly Drive; upgrade of Old Yanchep Road (stage 1) are in progress
  • Completion of stage 1 of the realignment of Flynn Drive; Lenore Road; Marmion Avenue/Lagoon Drive/Peony Boulevard; reconstruction and realignment of Wesco Road, Nowergup
  • Library self-service units were successfully installed at Wanneroo and Yanchep kiosks
  • Public PCs in the libraries were updated
  • A project to introduce Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) was successfully completed
  • Library visits increased by 10% with an impressive 30% increase at the refurbished Girrawheen Library and library memberships increased by 7.4%
  • 43km of pathways constructed
  • 41km of roads constructed
  • 465,699 visits to our 4 libraries


  • Increasing local unemployment (March 2016 8.67% in City up from March 2015 6.07%)
  • Low jobs growth rate - current jobs growth approximately 1,600/year; target 2,800/year to support growing population
  • Low employment self-sufficiency (ESS) current 43%; target by 2031 requires 43,000 jobs to achieve State Government’s 60% ESS (WA Department of Planning, Directions 2031 and Beyond
  • Availability of sufficient land for employment purposes
  • Private investment for business establishment and growth
  • Provision of major freight and passenger transport infrastructure
  • Strategic transport connections
  • Following an Agency Expenditure Review (AER) undertaken by the State Government’s Department of Treasury in respect of the State Library of Western Australia (SLWA), $1.7m was lost for library services - reduction to the public library materials budget for the purchase of new stock for public libraries; the courier van service that delivers inter-library loans to libraries, previously funded 50/50 by State and local governments, reduced from a five day/week to two day/week service
  • High-speed telecommunications infrastructure

Future Projects

  • Deliver a strategy to create local and regional employment opportunities
  • Develop initiatives that deliver investment attraction
  • Develop Neerabup Business Area
  • Deliver strategic land management and planning
  • Deliver support for local business
  • Deliver the Investment Projects Capital Works Sub-Program
  • Implement strategic transport planning
  • Deliver the Traffic Treatments, Bus Shelters, Roads and Pathways and Trails Capital Works Sub-Program
  • Stage 2 of Old Yanchep Road Upgrade Works
  • Construct dual carriageway from Marmion Avenue to Lukin Drive and Butler Boulevard
  • Upgrade Neerabup road (Marmion Avenue to Connolly Drive)
  • Connolly Drive Extension and Dualling continues
  • Develop a community cultural plan to coordinate learning communities, arts, culture and heritage programs
  • Detail development and tender documentation for the new Southern suburbs Library