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Parvovirus reported in Wanneroo area

Published Monday, 13th December 2021

City of Wanneroo residents are being advised to ensure their dogs are vaccinated following the reported detection of parvovirus in the Wanneroo area.

Dog running on grass

Two dogs are reported to have recently contracted the highly contagious virus, which causes vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy and dehydration in dogs, and can potentially be fatal.

Owners said both dogs had been walked in the local area in the days leading up to their diagnoses, including visits to the popular Edgar Griffiths Dog Park.

City of Wanneroo Manager Community Safety and Emergency Management, Ty Matson, said dog owners need to be vigilant and ensure their pet’s vaccinations are up to date.

“The City’s Parks Maintenance team ensures all parks and open spaces, including Edgar Griffiths Dog Park, are well maintained for the safety of all users,” he said.

“Unfortunately due to the highly contagious nature of parvovirus, even when water bowls, play spaces and bins are cleaned regularly, there is still a risk to dogs, especially unvaccinated ones.

“Dogs can pick up parvovirus from any open space, including footpaths, beaches and parks. The best thing any dog owner can do to protect their pet is to make sure they are vaccinated.”

From six to eight weeks of age, puppies can receive a combined vaccine from their vet to protect them against parvovirus and other diseases. Boosters are then recommended every two to four weeks until puppies reach 16 weeks of age, followed by annual boosters to ensure your dog maintains immunity.

“I would urge all dog owners to consult their local vet and check if their dog is up to date with its parvovirus vaccinations,” Mr Matson said.

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