Submitting a Development Application

Development Application (Planning)

Development Approval may be required prior to commencing or carrying out any development or use of land within the City of Wanneroo. The approval will also detail any conditions under which land or buildings can generally be used.

A wide variety of activities are classified as development including changing the use of a premise from one activity to another activity.  It is important for these developments to have the correct approvals from your Local Government.

To find out what approvals are required by the City click below to view an A-Z list of development types.

What Approvals Do I Need?

Development Application Requirements

Mandatory Checklist Requirements - All applications must be accompanied by:

Lodgement Options


You can lodge an application via our Online Lodgement Service.

Note the following applications are not accepted online:

  • Extractive Industries
  • Applications where proposed development is over $10 Million (Mandatory Form 1 Development Assessment Panel Application)
  • Application where proposed development is between $2 Million and $10 Million and the applicant has elected for the Development Assessment Panel to determine the application.

In Person
You can lodge an application over the counter at the City of Wanneroo Civic Centre located at 23 Dundebar Road, Wanneroo during the business hours of Monday-Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm.

By Post

You can lodge an application via post to:
City of Wanneroo
Locked Bag 1

Development Assessment Panel

Find our more about the Development Assessment Panel.

Bushfire Regulations

Find our more about Bushfire Regulations.

Metropolitan Regional Scheme Form 1 (MRS Form 1)

An MRS Form 1 is required when development is on land zoned or reserved under MRS and approval of the Western Australian Planning Commission is required:

  • Extractive Industry Applications;
  • Poultry farms or additions greated than 100m2 to existing poultry farms;
  • Development on Regional Reserves;
  • Public Works by Public Authorities;
  • Development Assessment Panel (DAP) Applications;
  • Development of State or Regional significance;
  • Development in Activity Centres (where applicable under Res 2011/03 made under Clause 32 of the MRS); and
  • Any use in the MRS rural zone which in the opinion of the WAPC or City of Wanneroo, may not be condidtent with the rural zone.


The City will endeavour to assess your application as soon as possible. However, under the City's District Planning Scheme No. 2 (DPS 2), the City has 60 days in which to determine an application, or 90 days should the City advertise the application.

Further Permits

In addition to a development application being required, building and health permits may also need to be obtained prior to commencing works/ use. For further information please refer to the City's website for further information or contact the City on 9405 5000.


Should you require further assistance please please contact the City by either: