Submitting a Development Application

Development Approval may be required prior to commencing or carrying out any development or use of land within the City of Wanneroo. The approval will also detail any conditions under which land or buildings can generally be used.

A wide variety of activities are classified as development including changing the use of a premise from one activity to another activity.  It is important for these developments to have the correct approvals from your Local Government.

To find out what approvals are required by the City click below to view an A-Z list of development types.

What Approvals Do I Need?

Applications that are not accepted online

You can apply for a development approval online with the exception of:

Extractive industry

Please complete Metropolitan Region Scheme and Extractive Industry Licence forms and return to the City of Wanneroo with all relevant supporting documentation

Applications where proposed development is over $10 million

Please complete Department of Planning Application Form and City of Wanneroo Application Form

Applications where proposed development is over $2 million

 Your application can either be assessed by -

What do I need to submit my application online?

You must supply the following:

One copy of:

Site Plan drawn to scale, at not less than 1:200, which shows:

  • Street name/s
  • North point
  • Existing and proposed buildings and uses
  • Existing and proposed ground and finish levels (relative to a nominated datum point or Australian Height Datum (AHD))
  • Driveways/access points
  • Lot dimensions
  • Setbacks
  • Lot boundaries (existing and proposed), including strata boundaries
  • Details and location of any fencing
  • Location & layout of any car parking areas
  • Proposed landscaping areas
  • Location of Septic Tanks, Leach Drains and Soakwells related to Sewerage Treatment Systems.

Floor Plan(s) drawn to scale of 1:100 or 1:200 and including:

  • A Plan of every storey with floor levels (Relative Level (RL) or Australian Height Datum (AHD))
  • Room layout including walls, doors, windows and proposed use of each room
  • Dimensions of buildings

Elevation Plan(s) drawn to scale of 1:100 or 1:200 and including Engineers drawings are not acceptable as elevations plans unless they show height of wall/height to gable (if applicable)

  • View of every face of proposed building(s)/Structure(s) detailing all openings (doors and windows) and architectural features
  • Materials & colours (if known)
  • Show floor levels (Relative Level (RL) or Australian Height Datum (AHD))

MRS Form 1 - List of Developments

  • Extractive Industry Applications
  • New poultry farms or additions greater than 100m2 to existing poultry farms.
  • Development on Regional Reserves
  • Public Works by Public Authorities
  • Development of State or Regional significance
  • Development in Activity Centres (where applicable under Res 2011/03 made under clause 32 of the MRS)
  • Any use in the MRS rural zone which in the opinion of the WAPC or City of Wanneroo, may not be consistent with the rural zone

Signatures from all owners

Before proceeding with your application you must print the City's consent document for all owners to sign.  You will be required to upload the completed consent document as part of your application.

You must upload consent from all owners of this property. If the site is owned by a company, please provide company name, print your name/s stating your title within the company and signature/s. The signature of the owner(s) is required on all applications. This application will not proceed without signature.

What are the fees?

Please refer to the Planning Fee Schedule. Payment is required upon lodgement of the application.

How long will it take to assess my application?

Development applications may take up to 60 days to be determined, and up to 90 days if public consultation is required. The City will endeavour to process the application as quickly as possible, however, please refrain from contacting the assessing Planning Officer within the first 30 days of lodgement to ensure a timely assessment is undertaken.

How will I know if my application has been approved?

The City will email a copy of the Planning Approval and Stamped Plans to the applicant's supplied email address.

Council approvals for home based businesses

Various Council approvals are required depending on the category of home based business.

Home Business Category 1

Planning approval is not required but a letter of compliance can be provided upon written request (please complete Planning Request form and return to the City of Wanneroo with all relevant supporting documentation).
Health approvals - If you are running a family day care business and providing any food to children (not including food provided by their parents) then you need to complete and submit a Notification and Registration Form - Food Act 2008

Home Business Category 2 and 3

Planning approval is always required. You must complete the following application form and attach to this Development Application:

Health approvals are also required for home based food, hair and beauty or family day care businesses.

Food: If you prepare, pack, store, handle, serve or supply food from a residential premises for sale or provided as part of a service to the public, you need to complete and submit an Application to operate a food business from a Residential (Home) Premises.  An information sheet is available with further details.  If you intend to operate a mobile food business you will also need to complete a Trading in Public Places application form
Hair Dressing & Skin Penetration: If your home business involves any form of hair dressing or skin penetration (e.g. tattooing, ear piercing) you need to complete and submit a Hair Dressing and Skin Penetration Notification Form. Some useful information sheets are available through the Department of Health. 
Family Day Care: If you are providing any food to children, not including food provided by their parents, then you need to complete and submit an Application to operate a food business from a Residential (Home) Premises.

Bushfire Regulations

Find out more about Bushfire Regulations.

Health Services & Building Requirements

There are a number of Health related legislative & Building Requirements which may have implications on your proposed development. Find out more information relating to your proposal. 


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