Anzac Day closures

Please note, all City of Wanneroo libraries, Wanneroo Regional Museum and Wanneroo Aquamotion will be closed for Anzac Day.


What approvals do I need?

Development Approval (Planning) 

A Development Approval may be required prior to commencing or carrying out any development or use of land within the City of Wanneroo. The approval will also detail any conditions under which land or buildings can generally be used.

A wide variety of activities are classified as development including changing the use of a premise from one activity to another activity.  It is important for these developments to have the correct approvals from your Local Government.

To find out what approvals are required by the City click below to view an A-Z list of development types.

What approvals do I need?

Development Application requirements

All applications require the following information and items to be submitted in accordance with the relevant Development Application Checklist (Supporting Information):

  • Completed 'Application for Approval to Commence Development ' form, the form must be signed by the owner(s) of the property. 
  • Metropolitan Region Scheme Form 1 (MRS) - Application for Planning Approval if applicable (only required if approval from the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is required).
  • The development application fee(s) must accompany the applications or they will not be accepted. 
  • Details of discretionary decision (Residential Development only)
  • A Bushfire Attack Level Assessment (BAL) and associated information required under the State Planning Policy 3.7 - Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas. (If any portion of the property is situated in a Bushfire Prone Area).
  • One copy each of site, floor and elevation plans, drawn to scale at not less than 1:100 or 1:200. Please refer to the Development Application checklist (Supporting Information) for the details required to be shown on these plans. 

Development Application Process

The City will send out a letter acknowledging receipt of your application advising you of the Planning Officer responsible for determining your application. Further information may be requested by the assessing officer as part of a more detailed assessment process. 


The City will endeavour to assess your application as soon as possible. However, under the City's District Planning Scheme No.2 (DPS 2), the City has 60 days in which to determine an application, or 90 days should the City advertise the application.


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