Rates information

Where your rates go

Budget highlights

2016-2017 Budget Highlights Infographic

Your rates contribute towards the services provided by Council including:

  • collection and disposal of residential refuse
  • recycling cart services
  • aged care
  • assistance to community groups
  • building control
  • bush fire control
  • child care
  • community health control
  • community information
  • dog and other animal control
  • economic development support
  • emergency services support
  • environmental planning
  • health control
  • libraries
  • litter control
  • off road vehicle control
  • parks, gardens and playgrounds
  • recreational and cultural planning and development
  • recreational facilities
  • road construction and maintenance
  • storm water drainage
  • street lighting and street trees

What is the rate increase?

The residential rates average has increased by 3.5% the overall average increase is 4.59% for 2016/17. The City of Wanneroo is a growth council and the budget has been specifically designed to cater for the City’s growth. Community safety, infrastructure, parks, sporting amenities and active open space top the list of key projects for 2016/17.