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Staying Connected


Ways to stay connected

Maintaining connections to family, friends and community as you age is vital to remaining mentally and physically well. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to stay connected as you age. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Senior citizen clubs and libraries

There is a wide range of senior citizen clubs located within the City of Wanneroo that provide opportunities for seniors to connect with like-minded people and make new friends. You may also want to rediscover the joy of reading, learn new skills, lose yourself in your imagination or just relax at one of the four libraries located within the City. These include the Wanneroo, Clarkson, Girrawheen, and Yanchep/Two Rocks libraries.

For more information about Senior citizen clubs and groups in the City, please click below:

Community Directory


Most local gyms, fitness clubs and aquatic centres offer classes for seniors. The exercise is good for your physical health, but the group bonding and cuppa afterwards may offer even more important benefits.

For more information please click below:

Sport and Leisure


Attending performances and events is a great way to meet people. Stay connected by taking advantage of local events such as live performances, guided walks, film, and arts festivals which have free or discounted tickets for seniors.

For more information about local events happening near you, please click below:  

City of Wanneroo Events


You may have given up on a hobby because you did not have time. Why not revisit old interests or take up something new? There is a wide range of craft, technology, music, art, and collectors’ clubs, plus lots more located within the City. To find other seniors' special interest groups in the City, please visit the City's community directory by clicking below:

Community Directory


We are never too old to learn. Community classes are a great way to meet new people with similar interests. Learn to cook, paint, or speak a new language. You never know what you can do until you try.

A quick internet search may provide you information on the courses available in your local community.

The ABC’s of connection - simple tips and tricks

Keeping connected is as simple as your ABC’s with these quick and easy tips:

Arts and crafts
Bake something for a friend
Call someone
Donate to those in need
Express gratitude to someone for what they do
Footpath chalk drawings
Greet your neighbours
Help someone
Invent a new game to play with loved ones  
Join a sports club for seniors
Kick a footy around in a local park with neighbours
Leave a random thank you note in a public location for someone to find
Mail collecting for your neighbour when they are on holiday
Neighbour Day celebrations (March every year)
Offer to bring in your neighbour’s bin after waste collection
Picnic in a park with your grandchildren
Queue comedy- share a joke with someone while waiting in line
Register with a local community group
Smile at a passer by
Turn off your TV
Use the internet
Wave at a stranger
Xylophone is an easy and affordable musical instrument you can learn to play for others
Yes to as many as possible invitations to socialise
Zoom video calls with friends and family