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Three Bin System

Three Bin System - FAQs

What's happened to my bin service in the City of Wanneroo?

Residents originally had just two bins at home – a dark green lid general waste bin and a yellow lid recycling bin. From May 2021, the City commenced the rollout of the new three bin system for eligible and registered properties.

This included a new 240L lime-green lid garden organics (GO) bin for properties 400sqm or larger. Properties smaller than 400m² were able to register online for a free GO bin, else stay with a two-bin system by putting their garden organics in the general waste bin.

All households also had their general waste bin lid changed to a red lid to meet the Australian Standard for Mobile Waste Containers (AS 4123), and were given the option to swap to a smaller 140L general waste bin if they wished.


Why has the City opted to implement a GO bin and not a FOGO bin?

Wanneroo Council initially approved the implementation of a three bin system, which included FOGO (food organics, garden organics) material, at its July 2019 meeting. Tenders for FOGO waste processing were invited on two occasions; however, the waste management industry was not in a position to process the volume of FOGO material produced by the City of Wanneroo. As a result, Council resolved to take a staged approach that delivers a GO solution now, with a view to introduce FOGO material at a later date. The City will continue discussions regarding an optimum time for the implementation of a FOGO system and will update residents accordingly.


Why did we change to a new bin system?

A three bin system is an easy way for residents to actively make a positive difference to our environment. Typically, household general waste bins contain 32% garden organic waste, 23% food organic waste, 26% recyclable materials, and only 18% actual general waste.

The larger recycling bin, offered to all households in 2020, and a new bin for garden organic waste, allows residents to make better choices about how to dispose of their waste.

By improving your recycling behaviour and using the new garden organics (GO) bin  you could prevent up to 140L of useful resources from going to landfill through your general waste bin. The introduction of the new GO bins is expected to transform 14,000 tonnes of greens into a range of high quality soil-enhancing products over the next 12 months.

The new bin system will allow the City to recover more resources, reduce waste to landfill and reduce the cost of waste management. The garden organic waste collected with the new GO bin will be turned into useful organic resources for use on City managed land.

Prior to the introduction of the three bin kerbside collection system, the City undertook a comprehensive review to identify waste management options which were best for the community, the environment and the City’s long term sustainability. The three bin system was found to be the most suitable option to meet these requirements.  Further information in relation to this can be found in the Three Bin Kerbside Collection System review and Waste Services Service Delivery Review documentation. 


Why did the lids of the general waste bins need to be changed to red lids?

Swapping your dark green lid for a new red lid will bring all the City of Wanneroo’s general waste bins into line with Australian Standard bin lid colours. This will make it easier for all Australians to know which bin to put things in, even if they change where they live. The old green lids will be recycled into plastic pellets to be used to make new bins.

Additionally, the terms of the State Government grant received by the City of Wanneroo requires all household bins to comply with the Australian standards for kerbside bins. This means all general waste bins need to be replaced with a red lid, else the City will be ineligible to receive full funding allocation.


Does having three bins increase the waste service charge?

All of the City’s costs to deliver waste management services to residents are included in the waste service charge which is separate from general rates. This means residents can see exactly what it costs for waste services.

Costs associated with the implementation of the new three bin system were subsidised by the State Government of Western Australia Better Bins program (administered by the Waste Authority). Cost savings were also acquired through greater material diversion from landfill. This means that residents incurred no increases to waste service charges for the three bin rollout, including if residents choose to keep their larger 240L general waste bin.


Did the City consult with the community in regards to a three bin system?

The City of Wanneroo invited residents and ratepayers to take part in a Waste Services survey from May to June 2018 to help us understand the community’s preferences for the future of waste management. 75% of respondents wanted to introduce a third bin for the disposal of organic waste.

The survey was advertised on the City’s Facebook page, website, newspaper articles, as well as newspaper and radio advertisements.

A direct mail invitation was also randomly sent to 1500 City residents inviting them to participate in an online survey.

The survey results were shared on the City’s website in August 2018 when results of the Waste Services review went to Council.

A full copy of the waste survey results is available by clicking below:

Waste Services Survey 2018


Can we still make changes to the bins we have?

Residents can make changes to their bins at any time. This includes changing the size of your recycling or general waste bin, adding or removing an additional bin, and opting in for a garden organics bin. 

Note that all properties over 400m² are required to have a 240L lime-green garden organics bin and residents will not be able to make changes to this.

Please visit our make changes to your bin page for more information.


My property is over 400m2 but I do not want a garden organics bin. Can I opt out?

No. The three bin system will be the new standard waste service for all households 400m² or larger, therefore there is no option to opt out of the service. The City is committed to deliver a three-bin kerbside collection system to all households by 2025, as per the State Government’s Waste Strategy.


How often will my GO bin be collected?

The GO bin will be collected fortnightly, on alternative weeks to your Recycling bin. Your first collection will occur 14 days after delivery of your new bin. You can also look up the first collection date for your property using the 'Find your waste collection dates' search tool on our Waste services page.


Will I still get a bulk greens verge collection and vouchers for the Wangara Greens Recycling Facilty?

Yes. Bulk greens verge collections and tip vouchers for larger green waste items that are not suitable for the GO bin will continue as usual for the foreseeable future.