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Coastal management

Coastal Monitoring

Update 04 April 2019 – Aerial Survey of the City’s Entire Coastline

The City’s second aerial survey is scheduled for Saturday 06 April 2019. The survey will capture the entire coastline of the City, and will be undertaken in the afternoon due to favourable tide conditions.

Update 16 October 2018 – Inclusion of Aerial Surveys

The City recently appointed an aerial survey Contractor (McMullen Nolan Group Pty Ltd) to conduct surveys of beaches and coastal structures using aerial Light Detecting and Ranging (LIDAR) technology. This survey method significantly improves the survey coverage and timing compared with traditional surveying techniques and enables efficient and accurate calculation of beach volume changes and identification of movement in coastal structures. Aerial surveys will be undertaken in October and April each year and generally on a weekend due to flight restrictions during the week. This will be undertaken using a light plane flying at approximately 300m above the survey sites over a 3 hour period.

The first aerial survey is scheduled for Saturday 27 October 2018.

City of Wanneroo Coastal Monitoring Programme

The City of Wanneroo’s coastal monitoring programme currently targets the City’s coastal protective structures and coastal erosion hotspots including areas of recent significant erosion. This currently includes the following:

6 monthly (pre winter - April and post winter - October) photographic monitoring of the following locations:

  • Quinns Rocks Coastline;
  • Claytons Beach;
  • Mindarie Breakwater and Spur Groyne;
  • Yanchep Coastline; and
  • Two Rocks Coastline.

Additional photographic monitoring following extreme storm events

Annual (post winter - October) condition assessments of coastal protective structures including:

  • Four Quinns Beach Groynes; 
  • Quinns Beach GSC and Rock Revetment
  • Quinns Beach Artificial Rock Headland;
  • Mindarie Breakwater and Spur Groyne; and
  • Yanchep Groyne.

6 monthly surveys (pre winter - April and post winter - October) of all beaches listed above and annual surveys (post winter - October) of all coastal protective structures listed above.

The coastal monitoring activities listed above enables the City to determine maintenance requirements for its beaches and coastal structures and conduct targeted preventative maintenance works including repairs to coastal structures and beach re-nourishment works.

Should you have any queries in relation to the City’s Coastal Monitoring Programme please contact the City’s Project Manager Coastal Projects, Mr Rory Ellyard, on 9405 5883.