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Public Community Events

Public Community Event - FAQs

What is a Public Community Event? 

A public community event is any organised activity or function where people are brought together at a given time and place for entertainment, recreation, cultural or community purposes. This includes, but is not limited to: festivals, markets, concerts, arts and cultural events, street parties, sporting events, commercial activities or promotions. 

Public community events refer to any activity held at any venue across the City (including City facilities, roads, footpaths, parks, gardens and reserves as well as National Parks, privately owned or developer land, schools etc).

What is not a Public Community Event? 

The procedure does not apply to regular community facility hire or regular public open space users such as sporting groups. If your event is not open to members of the public as you are hosting a private function such as a wedding, you may also not need to apply. 

If you just wish to hire a City facility, park or open space then an Event Application is not required. Please contact the City’s Facility Bookings team on 9405 5000 to discuss your requirements.

Why do I need to apply to hold an event? 

Producing events can be a complex process, therefore it is essential that all public community events are lodged with the City to ensure that the event adheres to all relevant laws, maintains community safety, minimises environmental impact and protects the City’s reputation. 

Event organisers are responsible for ensuring that their event adheres to all relevant legislation and requirements maintains community safety and minimises impact on the environment. The City will play a variety of roles in ensuring responsible public community event management and delivery through an application review and approval process.

The event approval process is now in two easy steps:

1.    Event Notification – must be completed by all event organisers proposing to hold an event anywhere in the City. This allows the City to maintain a register of all events occurring throughout the municipality for compliance purposes.
2.    Event Application – may only be required for events occurring on City land or those which require additional approvals relating to food, noise, electrical, facility hire and the like.

How do I talk to someone about my Event Notification or Event Application?

These webpages should provide you with all the information you require to successfully complete the notification and application process so please read through fully before contacting the City for assistance. 

However, should you have a specific enquiry about your event or application you have already submitted; please contact the City on 9405 5000 or email: enquiries@wanneroo.wa.gov.au quoting your reference number.