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Public Community Events

Public Community Event - Event Assessment & Approval

How does the City assess my application?

Your Event Application will be assessed in a variety of ways:

Impact Assessment

All events will be considered according to an impact approach which addresses the social, environmental, economic and reputational risks and benefits. This is assessed by the City according to an assessment matrix which will provide an impact rating of either low, medium or high. If your event is assessed as being high impact, the City may be in contact to obtain further information. 

Strategic Assessment

To ensure alignment with the City’s strategic objectives, events should align to at least one of the following three key objectives outlined in the Public Community Events Framework:

Creating vibrancy through the activation of distinctive places

Enhancing the utilisation and activation of community assets by bringing communities together through place based sport, leisure, culture, art and entertainment opportunities.

Enhancing the City’s cultural heritage and diversity

Celebrating the City’s community members by providing a variety of events focussed on cultural and heritage diversity and promoting access and inclusion for all.

Supporting the growth of prosperous communities

Showcasing Wanneroo as a desirable place to live, work and invest by raising the profile of the City through events which focus on tourism, business opportunities and economic benefit.

What happens if my event is not approved? 

Event organisers cannot hold an event within the municipality without the City’s written approval. This approval will be granted only following satisfactory completion of the Event Application. 

The City shall maintain contact with you throughout the application process to obtain additional supporting information and evidence for the application.

Should an event be assessed and considered high risk, or in breach of policy or legislation it cannot be approved. Should an event not be approved, the event organiser will receive notification providing an explanation of why the event is not approved.

If the event organiser chooses to proceed with an unapproved event, the City is required to act in accordance with its statutory obligations under the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911 in order to protect public health and safety.

Events may not be approved if the application:

  • Does not satisfy the impact and strategic assessment criteria
  • Is not completed by the deadline (8 weeks prior to event date)
  • Is not compliant with application standards (failure to include Event Management Plan, Public Liability Insurance, a Site Map and Risk Assessment)
  • Does not comply with all relevant policy, regulations and legislation
  • Is associated with or promotes any illegal activity, smoking and/or gambling

The City will only approve events on venues deemed as ‘event-friendly’ sites which are displayed in the Event Notification Form for selection. Additional requests must be made to the City separately for consideration. 

Can my event be cancelled?

The City can cancel any events due to non-compliance or risk mitigation. 

Depending upon the nature of the event, an Environmental Health Officer may attend the event to ensure compliance with the provision and conditions of the issued approvals and all other relevant government legislation.

Should the event organiser wish to dispute an event non-approval or cancellation they must contact the Manager Communications, Marketing and Events in writing in the first instance. Should this not be resolved, the matter will be escalated to the Director Community and Place and/or CEO for review.

To ensure ongoing compliance, an audit and review process may be conducted for some events. 

The event organiser is responsible for paying costs associated with any works required in relation to the event. This includes any amendments made to City facilities or POS to accommodate the event or any damages caused to City facilities or POS as a result of the event. Applicants or events may not be accepted if previous damage has been caused to sites.