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Public Community Events

Public Community Event - Event Notification Form

Do I have to complete an Event Notification Form?

All events occurring throughout the municipality are to be registered with the City through an Event Notification process, this includes any activity or function being held on City land, private land or third party managed land. 

The Event Notification process allows you to notify the City of your intention to hold an event within the City and seek in-principle approval without having to provide all the final details. 

The City will review your concept plan and decide if you are required to complete the formal Event Application form. If your event does not involve other approvals or licences such as food, electrical or facility hire and the like, you may not be required to complete the Event Application Form.

How do I complete an Event Notification?

The Event Notification is a simple form which requires you to provide basic details about your event, including: event objectives, date, time, location and your contact details. The form should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

The form can be accessed at: www.wanneroo.wa.gov.au/publiccommunityevents

What happens in the Event Notification process?

Your notification will be submitted to the City for review. The City will:

  • Confirm that it constitutes a ‘Public Community Event’
  • Check your proposed venue availability and suitability
  • Conduct an impact assessment to identify any potential risks
  • Ensure alignment with the City’s strategic event objectives

If any issues are identified during this process, the City may request you to provide further information.

How much does an Event Notification cost?

The Event Notification process is free of charge. However, once you commence the application process there may be fees and charges require.

How long does the Event Notification process take?

You will receive a response to your notification within 5 working days. This may include:

  • A request for further information
  • An acknowledgement, requiring no further action (for events being held on private property, or are deemed to be a private function/event)
  • An invitation to complete the Event Application form (for events being held on City property or those involving further approvals and licences to be obtained)