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Public Community Events

Public Community Event - Toilets

The Event Organiser is responsible for the provision of adequate toilet facilities for the duration of the event.

  • Where portable toilets are to be provided, details concerning the number and their location need to be submitted to the City for approval.
  • Consideration should be given to the water supply and the availability of a plumber should issues arise.
  • Toilets must be regularly checked for cleanliness, as well as availability of consumables, such as toilet paper, soap and hand towels, as well as the emptying of any bins. 
  • All sanitary facilities are to be adequately lit at night.  
  • Ensure a unisex disabled toilet is provided for patrons. 
  • The City requires that at least one accessible toilet is provided at every event.

Toilet facilities are to be provided in accordance with Department of Health recommendations which can be found by going to pages 137 and 138 of the Guidelines for concerts, events and organised gatherings document, available below: