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Public Community Event - Parking

When selecting a venue please ensure that there is adequate ‘Event Parking’ for the proposed number of people attending your event. ACROD parking bays are also required. 

  • Where there is shared use of parking at a facility, provisions must be in place to retain parking for non-event patrons. 
  • Parking on reserves is restricted, unless approval is granted through the City’s Parks department. 
  • Ensure adequate bays are allocated and clear ‘Event Parking’ signage is in place. 
  • Parking marshals may be required. Ensure an appropriate procedure is communicated to parking marshals and/or event staff to assist with directing patrons to designated event parking area/s. 
  • All designated ACROD parking bays pertain to ACROD parking regulations irrelevant of carpark closures or event staff parking requirements. 
  • Event staff are not exempt from parking regulations and/or restrictions. Please ensure you include event parking in your parking arrangements. 
  • Any reduction in speed limit, closure of roads, events held on roads or other traffic management issues need to be discussed with the City’s Engineering department. 

Your application will require a parking plan if the event has a parking bay shortfall and/or which may attract an attendance of 1000 or more people. A Parking Plan must contain a map showing:

  • The event location; 
  • Patron entrance / exit points; 
  • The parking areas – (showing the number of parking bays) 
  • Parking regulatory signage; 
  • Parking advisory signage (including locations and wording); 
  • The location and number of parking marshals you will be providing and their locations; 
  • Parking bays for ACROD holders; 
  • All existing / current parking requirements for other users not involved in the event. 
  • Additionally the applicant must outline; 
  • How they intended to manage parking over the course of the event; 
  • Any alternative transport arrangements (e.g public transport), including schedules; 
  • How it is intended to notify patrons of the parking arrangements for the event; 
  • Parking areas available. 

The event will not be approved to proceed if there is insufficient parking and suitable alternative arrangements cannot be made. Rangers may attend an event to issue infringements if a complaint is received that patrons are not adhering to parking signage.

It is the responsibility of the Event Organiser to ensure that there is adequate parking for an event, and that there is no, or limited impact on the existing road infrastructure.

If the event is likely to have a significant impact on the existing road network, a whole or partial road closure may be required.