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Public Community Event - Food

A food stall is a stall from which any food or drinks are offered for sale. Each individual food stall, including food trucks/vans operating at an event is required to be covered by a Trading in Public Places licence either as individuals or collectively.

The event organiser is responsible for supplying a list of all food vendors and businesses and appropriate certificates. 

Food vendors proposing to trade at your event have their own obligations under the Food Act 2008. 

Food businesses located and registered with the City of Wanneroo are not required to submit any forms or fees provided their activities are in keeping with their registered food business activities. It is advisable however that they notify the City’s Health Services of their intention to trade at events by email to health@wanneroo.wa.gov.au.

Where a food business is registered in another Local Government, they are required to notify the City of Wanneroo of their intention to trade by submitting a Food Business Notification and Registration Form along with a copy of their Food Business Registration Certificate from their local council and a $30 notification fee.

Vendors that do not hold a Food Business Registration are not permitted to trade at any event held within the City. 

The sale of food is to comply with the Food Act 2008 and the Food Standards Code.

Do I need to supply drinking water? 

The Department of Health recommends that for daytime events free drinking water is available to patrons. It is recommended that this is calculated at 2 Litres per person or 500 ml per hour, whichever is the greater, or one potable water outlet per 500 people (hand wash basins are not recognised as acceptable drinking water outlets). Where an event is licensed, the Liquor Control Act 1988 requires a licensee to provide free drinking water to patrons.