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Public Community Events

Public Community Event - Access & Inclusion

It is important for all event organisers to ensure their event is accessible and inclusive for all community members, including; people with a disability, people using mobility aids, seniors, people using prams and people from a culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. This is also likely to increase attendance at your event by ensuring it appeals to a wider audience. 

When planning your event, consideration should be given to a range of issues, including: 

  • Accessible paths, ramps, entries and exits 
  • Accessible seating and designated areas 
  • Accessible toilets
  • Accessible parking bays
  • Sound amplification, hearing loops and quiet zones 
  • Public transport access
  • Marketing, signage design and positioning 
  • The availability of staff /volunteers to provide assistance
  • Information available in a range of formats (or available on request).
  • Ample space for wheelchairs
  • Water bowls and rest areas for companion animals
  • A range of healthy and/or culturally sensitive items food to choose from
  • Shaded places to sit

Further support can be found on the Disability Service Commission Website.