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Public Community Event - Event Application Form

How do I complete an Event Application?

Once the City has received and approved your Event Notification form, if necessary, you will be invited to complete an Event Application form. You will receive a unique web link to complete your event details, attach all supporting documents and return to the City for approval. 

Please gather all relevant information pertaining to your event before you start the application form as this will save you time. The form will pre-populate some of your contact information based on your notification form, therefore it should only take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete fully.

What happens in the Event Application process?

The City will review your application to check that it complies with all relevant laws and legislation and the associated approvals and licences have been obtained.

Your Event Application also gives the City an opportunity to identify ways it may be able to support you and your event through community funding, grants, sponsorship, promotional support and/or capacity building opportunities.

How long does the Event Application process take?

The City is a very popular host for events throughout the year. To avoid disappointment, it is important to consider the timeframe required to apply for an event and receive approval. Large scale, complex events may also require a more detailed approval process, therefore, the City highly recommends that you plan in advance and allow yourself sufficient time to complete all applications in advance. 

Event Application forms must be submitted to the City at least eight (8) weeks prior to your event to allow for adequate processing. Applications received after this period will not be accepted.

You will need to complete all sections of the application form and attach all mandatory documents to your application. Incomplete applications or those missing mandatory supporting evidence cannot be considered. The majority of delays are caused by event organisers failing to provide the appropriate documents, approvals and licenses with their application form. Please double check your application form to ensure it is completed fully with all attachments prior to submitting.

Once the City receives your completed application form with all supporting documents, approvals and licenses attached, you should receive an outcome within 15 business days.