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Public Community Event - Mandatory Supporting Documents



Public Liability Insurance provides the event organiser with insurance cover for their legal liability to third parties for bodily injury and/or property damage arising from the event. 

In addition, it is essential that other stakeholders involved in the event (i.e. security companies / food retailers / promotion companies / amusement providers and the like) also hold public liability cover. 

The operator is required to hold Public Liability Insurance coverage of a minimum of $10 million.  The Insurer must be registered with Australian Prudential Registration Authority (APRA), or as approved by Council.

Please attach evidence of your insurance. This includes copies of ‘Certificates of Currency’ from all service providers attending the event to demonstrate Product and Public Liability Insurance of at least $10 million each.


A site plan is a map of the event layout and is essential for event planning and management.  
All site plans must;

  • Be to scale and include the dimensions of any individual event element;
  • Include a North arrow & accurately labelled legend 
  • Clearly depict and/or illustrate all elements of the proposed event layout including the location of, number of and the dimensions of;
  1. Exits, emergency exits, temporary fencing (including openings in fences or use of gates) 
  2. Emergency extinguishers & hose reels
  3. Amenities (toilets, bins, food outlets, free water, first aid, rest areas, lighting)
  4. Electricity access points incl generators & cables
  5. Public access marquees or pop up tents >10m2;
  6. Parking & vehicle access routes 
  7. Entertainment elements (amusements, rides, market stalls, stages/speakers)
  8. Disability access including ramps

For ease of readability, you may wish to submit additional site plans to accurately and clearly depict certain elements, i.e.

  • Emergency Evacuation Plan 
  • Electricity Plan 
  • Event Signage Plan
  • Disability Access Plan
  • Amenity Plan 
  • Noise Management Plan
  • Lighting/Sound & Stage Layout Plan 
  • Entertainment Layout Plan
  • Parking & Vehicle Access Plan 

Please ensure a detailed site plan(s) is submitted with your application. Insufficient site plans will prevent the assessment of your application.  


Risk management is the term applied to a logical and systematic method of establishing the context, identifying, analysing, evaluating, treating, monitoring and communicating risks. Effective risk management is essential for the success of any public community event. The event organiser/applicant is responsible for the ensuring the preparation and submission of these documents.

Submission of a Risk Management Plan & Emergency Evacuation Diagram is required for all events with an expected attendance exceeding 1000 persons

It is considered best practice that all applicants submit an emergency management for any public community event of any size.

To assist in your preparation of a Risk Management Plan & Emergency Evacuation Diagram please see the following websites. 

It is mandatory for all events with over 1000 attendees to submit a Risk Management Plan & Emergency Evacuation Diagram. For safety purposes, it is recommended that all Event Organisers submit this documentation. 


Public community events are deemed “public buildings” by legislation, therefore, relevant public/patron safety and health requirements apply. An applicant/event organiser must be issued with a Certificate of Approval prior to an event going ahead. The Certificate of Approval details the number of persons who can safely be accommodated at the event. The quality and detail in your event application documentation is critical for this assessment. 

The following formmust  be completed and submitted with each public community event application;

Where a building permit application is required for a temporary structure >10m2, Form 2 must be submitted for each temporary structure on the BA Application however Form 1 is not required. 

Further Information

Department of Health (Public Health) Public Buildings Information

Attach FORM 1 with your Event Application.