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Public Community Event - Temporary & Permanent Structures

An Advice of Installation and Certification: Temporary Structures & Amusement Rides form is to be completed by a qualified/competent person following the temporary structure and/or ride being installed/erected/built at the event, and submitted to the City’s Health Services within 48 hours prior to the event, either in person at the event site or by email: health@wanneroo.wa.gov.au.

Advice of Installation: Please hand deliver to attending officer or send to City offices within 48 hours of event for:

  • Any structure greater than 9m²;
  • Stages greater than 1m in height; and
  • Any spectator grandstands.

Certificate of Manufacture and Installation: To be delivered to City Officers prior to event commencing for:

  • Any structure greater than 50m².


Amusement Structures include carnival rides, bouncy castles, games etc. and must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 (Regulation 4.52 Amusement Structures) and Australian Standard AS3553. If you are planning on having amusement rides at your event you need to complete and submit the Amusement Ride Notification Form along with the required documentation including:

  • Copy of Plant Registration from Worksafe;
  • Copy of most recent entries of Maintenance Logbook; and
  • Copy of Public Liability Insurance.

An Advice of Installation is to be completed and submitted by the assembling group/company for any structure with an area greater than;

  • 9m²;
  • stages greater than 1m in height; and
  • any spectator Grandstands.

A Certificate of Manufacture and Installation is to be provided to the City for any structure with an area greater than 50m². The organiser is to ensure patrons do not erect temporary structures.

All temporary structures (stages, marquees, tents, spectator stand and fencing) which are larger than 3m x 3m to be erected at the event require City approval. Information required for temporary structures to be approved includes: 

  • The purpose for which it will be used 
  • The design integrity and ground conditions 
  • Erector’s competence 
  • Manufacturer details 
  • Description of the structure 
  • Code and/or Standards to which it complies 
  • Structural adequacy 
  • Design parameters
  • Wind limitations, ground density and footing loads or ballast requirements 

Once the structure is erected, the installer shall complete an Appendix 5, Certification of Structures to confirm that the structure has been erected in accordance with all design criteria, engineering details or manufactures instructions and that all structures have been constructed to be structurally sound. This form must be completed for all structures.

Building Requirements

A Building Permit may be required for a temporary or permanent structure that is erected as part of an event. 

If required, a Building Permit Application must be submitted to the City in advance of the event occurring. Please allow at least 4 weeks for the assessment process to be completed.

Whilst it is the applicant’s responsibility to check with the City whether a proposed structure may require a building permit, the following lists some of the more common structures associated with events and their permit requirements.

  • Rostra staging and Trailer staging – No permit required
  • Ground staging used for large events – Building permit required
  • Small marquees (less than 6m x 3m) – No permit required
  • Marquees larger than 6m x 3m – Building permit required 
  • Concert seating (ground level) – No permit required 
  • Bleacher seating/grandstands – Building permit required
  • Scaffolding towers – Building permit required
  • Temporary fencing – No permit required
  • Rides, bouncy castles or climbing walls – No permit required

A Building Permit application may be submitted to the City by completing the following application form. 

Refer to the following link for details of the applicable fees:

The City has an online building application portal which may be used to submit an application. Click below to view: