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Public Community Event - Security Requirements

Security may be required for an event depending on a number of factors, including the type of event, expected number of patrons, and whether alcohol is provided. If security or crowd control is required, security arrangements are to be made and enforced by the Event Organiser and shall be to the satisfaction of the City of Wanneroo. It is important that any security or crowd controllers are appropriately licensed under the Securities and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996, as well an ensuring there are both male and female security personnel on duty. 

Where alcohol is being served at an event, there should be a minimum of two crowd controllers for the first one hundred (100) patrons, and one crowd controller for each additional one hundred (100) patrons or part thereof. 

The number of crowd controllers to patrons for Events where no liquor licence has been obtained, shall be as shown in the following table, based on Department of Health recommendations:

Number of Patrons Crowd Controllers
< 1,000 Min of 1 - 2
< 2,000 Min of 2 - 4
< 3,000 Min of 4 - 6
< 4,000 Min of 6 - 8
< 5,000 Min of 8 - 10

For Events where there is no liquor licence, or major structures, the Event Organiser may apply to utilise volunteer personnel as Volunteer Event Liaison Staff to assist with the running of the event. This would only be considered where an appropriate risk management plan was submitted.

  • Two (2) crowd controllers for the first 100 people attending the event, and one(1) crowd controller for each additional 100 attendees or part thereof.
Number of Patrons Crowd Controllers
Less than 100 2
Up to 200 4
Up to 300 6
Up to 400 8
Up to 500 10

For lower-risk events, such as family friendly events, the numbers are normally reduced to one (1) crowd controller per 200 patrons. This ratio method should only be used as a guide for low-risk events.

Crowd controllers at events where alcohol is consumed have to be licensed under the securities and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996.

It is essential to develop and implement a strategy for ensuring that crowd controllers or volunteer personnel are able to effectively and clearly communicate with each other while on duty management throughout the duration of the event. While radio communication is the preferred method, it is acknowledged that some other form of communication may be adequate.

Crowd Controllers or volunteer personnel have to stay on duty at the conclusion of the event until attendees have left the event orderly. Security by the applicant is to extend to other nearby property likely to be affected.

The applicant will have to liaise with the Police Department prior to the event. Police Officers on duty at or near the event are not to be regarded as security personnel, in relation to satisfying the security requirements.