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Public Community Event - Traffic Management & Road Closures

If your event has a potential to effect traffic (vehicle or pedestrian) on a road or within a road reserve submission of traffic management documentation will be required for review and acceptance by the City. The closure or part closure of any of the City’s roads will require the submission of a ‘Temporary Suspension of the Road Traffic Act’ form for sign-off by the City and the local Police. The submission of a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) will be required for all events that effect traffic within the road reserve. If traffic on Wanneroo Road is affected the TMP must be submitted to Main Roads WA (MRWA). Submissions to the City are required 2 weeks prior to the event, giving sufficient time for processing. 

Traffic Management Plans (when required) must be prepared by persons with current MRWA accreditation and will require review and acceptance by the City before a road closure, and the Event Application can be considered.

Please consult the “Traffic Management for Events Code of Practice” available from the Main Roads website www.mainroads.wa.gov.au for further information.

A traffic management plan outlines any proposed changes or impact on existing traffic conditions, including lane closure, change of speed limit, traffic detours and “event ahead” signage. This plan also includes emergency details, contact details, organisations requiring consultation (e.g. St Johns Ambulance and Police) as well as a risk analysis.