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Public Community Event - Electrical Requirements

The City has a limited number of reserves provided with a reticulated power supply and these supplies are tested and certified by a qualified electrician every six months. Electrical outlets should only be supplied from a reticulated power supply. Supplies may originate from a supply authority or on site generators. If onsite generators are proposed each generator must be connected to its own earth electrode driven into the ground. 

For events it is important that; 

  • There are no single-phase generators 10 kva or below. 
  • Electrical equipment is supplied from reticulated supplies originating at supply authority mains or large generators. 
  • Electrical leads do not create trip hazards. 
  • Electrical outlets are protected by residual current devices (RCD’s). 
  • Leads and RCDs are tested and tagged every six months. 
  • Joints and connections are not accessible to the public or exposed to damp conditions  
  • Installations must comply with AS 3002 Electrical Installations for shows and carnivals. 

The Health (Public Buildings) Regulations 1992 require that a licensed electrical contractor tests electrical leads (industrial extension cords) and portable outlet devices (power boards) items every six months. A tag to identify the item, test date and the electrical contractor should be fixed to the tested equipment. New equipment requires a tag to define when it was brought into service.

A Form 5 Certificate of Electrical Compliance is to be completed by qualified electrician for any works undertake for the event and submitted to Health Services prior to event commencement if required.  NO electrical cords are to be laid on the ground and hot water is not to be transported across the field.  

All cables and extension cords are to be tagged and positioned so as not to cause harm to the public.  Cables will need to be hung high off the ground or safely covered/protected or buried to prevent people tripping over them.